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Team 20/21


Number NameBornField of Study
1Anton Karlsson2000Open Entry
1Olivér Daoda1996Chemical Engineering
31Måns Rasmussen1996Engineering Physics
50Max Eichenberger1993Electrical Engineering


Number NameBornField of Study
7Aston Brunnberg1992Vehicle Engineering
8Hannes Backe1998Engineering Physics
12Philip Singh1996Mechanical Engineering
17Oskar Ringström1998Industrial Engineering and Management
19Theo Björk1998
50Sebastian Owuya1991Computer Science and Engineering
55Anton Haga Lööf1995Mechanical Engineering
92Alexander Redzter1999Civil Engineering
97Rasmus Eriksson1997Industrial Engineering and Management


Number NameBornField of Study
9Isac Coucher2001Civil Engineering
10John Petersson1996Civil Engineering
13Gustav Werneman1995Engineering Chemistry
16Daniel Landberg1997Computer Science and Engineering
18Alexander Tedestedt2000
25Oskar Alfredsson1999
28Tony Wallin1993Energy and Environment
29Marcus Örtevall1995Civil Engineering
39Lucas Åkerstedt1999Electrical Engineering
43Daniel Nylund1998Industrial Engineering and Management
66Hampus Karlsson1996
71Elias Brander1998
88André Grönros1994
91Alexander Sander1995Computer Science and Engineering
93Wilhelm Wendt1993Industrial Engineering and Management
#Valentin Stabnikov2000


NameBornField of Study